Steam punk industrial display with nixie clock

Steam punk industrial display with nixie clock


Power Board instructions. Steam punk industrial display with nixie clock

Steampunk early 20th century industrial powerboard. Remote control backlit dials plus Nixie clock.

The board has been carefully restored to a level to show off its original patina. All the levers move freely in the way they were designed. In addition to give it more interest and practicality a Nixie clock and remote controlled LED backlights have been fitted. The board has had an edging installed so it can be fitted flat to a wall and means the bolts on the back of the board do not touch the wall. It also enables a powerbank for the backlit dials to be housed if you want to be completely mains free.

The Nixie clock’s eerie orange elements are backlit by LED’s and cycles through three colours. This can be programmed to remain with a single colour.

The brightness and colour of the LED backlights for the dials is operated by the

supplied remote control or via a smartphone app.

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The clock is powered by either a mains USB or by the internal 1000Ah battery pack so you can be wire free for around 2-3days.  A long 3m USB cable is supplied which plugs into the mains and charges the powerbank.

The clock uses a modern circuitry but has 1950’s tubes from the USSR which gives it the unusual appearance. The unusual appearance comes from the NIXIE tubes (Numeric, Indicator, eXperimental01). They have an excellent ghostly glow that have become very fashionable again.


The LED back lights come with a mains 12v power adaptor. However you may want to be wire free, if so 12V battery packs are easily available on ebay or Amazon (not supplied) for less than £30.


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